Banana Calories

How many calories in a banana?


You can relax knowing that no-one has ever gotten fat by eating bananas. In fact, they can help to keep you trim because a medium banana has less than 100 Calories, about a third of what you get from 50g potato crisps (270 Cals), or a scoop of ice cream in a cone (300 Cals), and less than most chocolate biscuits. 

Bananas have a high satiety index, which means they are very filling for the amount of kilojoules they provide. For example, a medium fries has about 370 Cals, the same as three and a half bananas. Which will fill you up the most? You might be able to eat a burger after the fries, but could you eat a burger straight after three and a half bananas?

People are more likely to put on weight by eating too many fatty foods, drinking too much alcohol or sugared drinks, or doing too little exercise (or a mix of the lot). If you are trying to maintain a healthy weight then eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and go easy on the fatty foods. 

And if you are looking for a non-fattening food that’s full of energy, you can’t beat bananas. That’s why athletes commonly eat bananas. You may have seen cyclists eating bananas one-handed as they speed down the road or a professional tennis player eat a banana between sets. 

The average banana will provide around 20g carbohydrate, which is then digested and converted to muscle fuel (glucose). Many athletes also eat bananas to re-fuel their body after sport as their muscle stores of glucose will be low. So it’s no surprise they are very popular in the change rooms after a game of football or netball. But you don’t have to be an elite athlete to get benefits from bananas. They’re perfect for anyone who needs a snack that’s packed with energy not calories.