Weight Conscious

The best pick for weight control

For a lot of Australians, managing their weight is a tough battle. Most people gain weight because they eat more kilojoules than they burn during the day. These excess kilojoules are stored as body fat. It doesn’t matter whether the excess kilojoules come in the form of protein, fat or carbohydrate, if they aren’t used, they get stored as fat. The most effective way for people to lose weight is to burn more kilojoules during the day by increasing activity, and eating less kilojoules. This is mainly done by reducing the intake of fatty foods and cutting back on alcoholic drinks. Eat plenty of fruit and veggies and go easy on the fatty stuff.

Because bananas have zero fat and a high satiety index, they’re a great way to stay fuller longer without piling on the weight. For a healthy, great-tasting breakfast, simply slice a banana on your morning cereal or add it to a slice of wholemeal or multigrain bread. A banana smoothie, meanwhile, makes the perfect lunchtime treat.